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I am His

It is with very few people that I discuss my faith. For me, it is very personal and private. I try to live my daily life the way Jesus did. Paying it forward. Sprinkling kindness like confetti. Doing good and being good. Literally, waking in His footsteps the way we are intended. I’m not perfect,Continue reading “I am His”

Letting Go

How do we let go of someone once and for all when we know we need to? When we tried changing the dynamic just to keep them in our life. Holding on hurts. The idea of letting go hurts more. The thought crushes you like the worst lose-lose situation imaginable. Truly, a double edged swordContinue reading “Letting Go”

“Hey World”

I’m having a hard day. So many emotions exhausting me while each of them different. They are weighing on me so heavily. I feel like I am bench pressing them…weight by weight, continuously getting more strenuous: Heartbreak – add a weight. Stress – throw on another. Pressure – another weight added to the bar. WorkingContinue reading ““Hey World””

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